Ok, so here's the rules:

  1. When you post your cat's page, use type 'Person'sCat' in the template box or use the code {{Template:Person'sCat}}in source mode
  2. Do not post anything about Wild Cats like Tigers or Lions.
  3. 'Only post in English!!!' The exception to this is if you're doing a name translation, i. e. "Mi-ke means calico cat."
  4. Don't copy in overly hard words. Noone understands the jibberjabber on wikipedia pages.
  5. If you are an admin, do not edit the wiki's badge designd or theme designer.
  6. Don't post anything untrue! This should be obvious.
  7. No swearing or bad language. Kids will read this wiki!
OK, that's all I can think of! Ta-ta!
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